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Into the minds (and hearts) of men.....

Posted by Singles Anonymous (reposted) on March 06, 2003 at 11:24:00

This post deserves to be at the top of the page! Anyone care to respond to it?

We'd all probably agree that it was the women who suffered the most. But thanks too for your thoughts. It's so refreshing to hear that not all men in TF were cold, heartless, insensitive s.o.b.s who were only too eager to "crawl in bed with single sisters and not really care that they were going to give VD to her and quote the Letters about One Wife when she got pregnant." Perhaps I was just one of the unfortunate few who were subjected to such men 99% of the time? The other 1% were those rare times when romance entered the picture and like you, I got separated from these rare individuals thus permanently blocking the chance to have a caring relationship such as Husband had with his wife.

Iíve so many questions I want to ask of the men and Iíll just spout them out so this is directed to Husband and you (and any other brave souls who care to speak up, please please do). And shall we drop the self-respecting bit? I think we can all agree that we had NO self-respect, NO self-worth to allow this to happen. Thatís how Berg succeeded in making us obey this dictum.

My questions: What was it like for you to have your wife/loved one fucked by other men? Describe what you went thru. Was it a big struggle? How did you cope with it? The times that you shared with other women, beyond the sex, did you enjoy it? Were there times when you had feelings for them? Did you ever feel bad or guilty for Ďtaking advantageí of them? Or did it even occur to you as such? Did your regard for women change from before you joined to before the ffing rev to during it? To Husband: How did you make your wife feel loved and special? And how did that stop her from ffing? To another ex-brother: how did you feel about the sharing? Because you were shy, didnít it make sex more easily accessible, hence providing a built-in dating service for you? You were looking for love and a long-term relationship, did the free sex confuse the issue? And lastly (for now) to those who sired children but was not a father to them, did you make contact with your child? Or at least want to? If you had the chance to, would you? Now that youíre out?

I know these are not easy questions and they are not meant to be answered all in one big swoop. So please take me into your reality that I may understand mine. I too am here to stay and will ride this one out.