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corrected post forgive my spelling

Posted by posted by WC on March 08, 2003 at 12:30:06:

Just see my point, I try to report things I saw that not only me saw but that some other people contacting me wanted to hear about. Something of public interest for the youth ex-member community.

Trying to get my message across and Truth doesn't seem easy but I did partly! So I'm asking myself why, as it's so important matter, is it so hard. Some expressed before here to hear about those things I saw in USA as I lived there. I think it's their right to know, as some renewed situations the same could be dangerous for the youth I'm sure... So the way to talk about it according to the Board rules is not easy. I'm against dangerous behaviour, not being against one people only provoking, but reporting some dangerous situations.

That is of public interest here I believe and really serious matter. So when somebody is telling me that just to speak from his heart has to be done under some rules I have a tendency not to agre with as I experienced that in the past. According to what you answered me, I will do then accordingly and sorry if I compared you to something we exprienced many here before in a certain way, that is having a hard time to get across to denounce dangerous behaviour related to a cult. It's so fresh in the memory of many still. But I see that's not your intention...