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World Politics - Victor Davis Hanson

Posted by Acheick on March 11, 2003 at 07:07:36

Being a child of the 60s I was very disallusioned with the world and felt that everyone was lying to me. I had no idea who or what to believe and who was telling the truth. The world confused me and everyone claimed it was the other guy that was feeding me propoganda. I found myself looking up to Berg for my answers, thinking he was connected to God and that was the best way to know the truth about world politics. After leaving, I've certainly come to realize the truth about Berg, he really knew nothing and was delusional about his dreams and interpretations of world politics. It was merely grandiose imagination on his part, fueled by his drunken stupor.

Since leaving, I've tried to read and investigate as much as I can, listening to everyone and every political bent, but not with very good results. Recent events really confused me even more with so many conspiracy theories abounding, endtime prophets on their pulpit and a wide array of political pundits who are convinced they have the corner on what is "really" happening in the world and what "really" should be done. The other day my daughter came home with a book from her college class and said, "Mom, you really should read this." I didn't have time that day but kind of looked at the cover and wondered what is academia throwing around now. She was going on and on about war and the whys and the wherefores and why this book was so good. I finally read a few pages and was surprised at just how interesting it was. I remembered this guys' name and had heard about him before. It turns out he's a Professor of Classics here in our university and was educated at USC, Santa Cruz, but received his Ph.D. from Stanford.

I looked him up on line and discovered he has written many articles since 9/11 and found them at the National Review archives where he writes a weekly column. I was duly impressed. Then I started reading his book. An Autumn of War by Victor Davis Hanson. I recommend it to anyone truly wanting to understand our world and the history we have evolved from. For the first time in my life I think I'm understanding what is going on. This guy writes from a wealth of knowledge and not just book knowledge or rhetoric, but with a clear understanding of human nature and the history of wars. I don't see any conspiracy theories and wild eyed imaginations coming from his pages like the other book I was recommended from James Mars (or something like that). It's simply well thought out reasoning that makes sense, finally. He is speaking what I have been thinking but felt very alone in my thoughts. You certainly won't get this from your average television broadcast or newspaper report. Go to the National Review online and read a few of his articles and see what you think.