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Haven't joined - confused

Posted by on March 11, 2003 at 14:16:43

O.K., I'm getting really confused. I don't know who's telling the truth and who's lying. Most of all, I can't even tell what's being said.

I am the worship leader at an alternative, gen-x type church where the focus is definately being "rooted in love." The subject of communal living and stuff like that comes up from time to time. So, anyway..., I was looking around on the web and I find The Family website. So, I'm thinking cool, here's this group of communes, good music, lot's of love, this has got to be all good. So I'm reading some of their stuff and I'm thinking they are kind of fundamentalist, but everything seems cool other than that. Lot's of groups appear kind of fundamentalist on paper.

Anyway, all of the sudden I start hearing all this stuff about, "They are a cult, They'll take all your cash, You shouldn't be talking to them, Their beliefs are wack," and on and on. They (the fam) are like, "We're not a cult. You're always persecuted when you're a true believer," stuff like that.

As far as I can see everything looks all good. Am I just stupid? What's the real deal?

I am extremely confused. If anybody can clue me in to what's going on I would appreciate it. Feel free to email me or whatever.