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Re: I thot I'd answered that one

Posted by MG on March 14, 2003 at 05:12:36

In Reply to: I thot I'd answered that one posted by another ex-brother on March 13, 2003 at 08:59:26:

It's pretty clear cut for me. I'm married to the wife I met in the F and have remained married to for 28 years. The Family experience is of course something we still share, and quite often we get a real laugh out of the many ridiculous things we believed. At other times we share a mutual disgust. So we have that in common, as well as other common interests that have nothing to do with our Family past.

So the friendship I have with my wife is valuable. We like doing things together.

Nevertheless I meet and work with a number of interesting women, intelligent and attractive--same age bracket too. I admit that sometimes I've been curious as to what an intimate relationship with one of my female colleagues would be like, but I'll totally avoid any such venture because I know how incredibly stupid it would be to jeopardize the really good thing I have going with my wife. And jeopardize that it would.

Our former experiences/beliefs in TF with the so called "law of love" does not even enter into the picture. In no way shape or form would my wife want to willingly and knowingly share me with someone else, and neither would I care to share her. It would be irresponsible, immature, emotionally dysfunctional, and unnecessary.

Furthermore, having normal and genuine friendships with my female counterparts at the language institute and English Teacher's Association is incredibly fun and stimulating. Why should I ruin that too?