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Berg-took-over-Mitchell guy kidnapper's body flop...!!! :-)

Posted by Joshua on March 15, 2003 at 10:39:17

Fom CNN news:

Police found Elizabeth on Wednesday walking in a Salt Lake City suburb with Barzee and Mitchell, a shaggy-haired vagabond once hired to help fix the roof on the Smart home. Authorities said the three had been living under bridges and in tents in Utah and California, apparently panhandling to eat.

Prosecutors said aggravated kidnapping and other charges from the Smart case would probably be filed against Mitchell and Barzee on Monday.

Vicki Cottrell, who has known Barzee for 28 years and is executive director of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Utah, met with Barzee in jail Friday.

In an interview Saturday, she said Barzee told her that on Thanksgiving Day 2000, the couple received a revelation that Mitchell was to have seven more wives. Barzee spoke about the need to take younger wives because older women would not be submissive enough to marry him, she said.

"That's the very saddest part of this whole thing they picked and they chose, and they didn't ask permission," Cottrell said. "They just took someone that was very innocent."

Barzee also told Cottrell that the couple heard revelations about where to stay, including an area in the mountains above San Diego, where Mitchell pleaded guilty to vandalizing a church. He served less than a week in jail.

In a later revelation, Cottrell said, Barzee was told by God that the trio needed to return to Salt Lake City. Cottrell said she hoped Barzee had "maybe some glimpses of something they had done that was very wrong and needed to be dealt with."

Barzee told Cottrell that during prayer during Mitchell's jail time, it was revealed to her that when the group returned to Salt Lake City they would be picked up and "put in jail by the evildoers of the world."

"She said that she realized that taking six more wives would not be possible," Cottrell said.

Officials said Mitchell may also have tried to abduct Elizabeth's cousin seven weeks after Elizabeth's disappearance, and that he could faces charges in that case as well.