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Not the war

Posted by goth88 on March 16, 2003 at 20:08:06

Psych! I understand some wanting to talk about it and that we will come from many different angles regarding it. But now that we are not in the family, it is SAFE to have different opinions.
I will tell you mine. I am very worried about timing and the lack of worldwide support. I think our intelligence would have shared with other western allies something that would have shown the urgency for acting now. Also, it is evident that there has been overwhelming opposition to it in most western countries, and much from within the USA. What I think is that, like someone else mentioned, at this point it is pretty much out of our hands, just like that flu that is a world threat right now that has a high mortality rate and no known cure or treatment.
It is at times like this that life seems more intense and real than ever. No longer really about debate but about loving others that are close to me and saying to friends "Hey, I am glad you are here, should we lose contact, I hope that you stay safe..." or something like that.
And in the exer community, it makes me want to say "We survived so much, getting out of that group. I am glad for all of your support in travelling this journey of life, however long or short it may be."
I live in what could be a prime target area being the hometown of Bush Sr and Barbara. Also near a major air base (Ellington) and refineries, ship channel, etc. Not only that, but facing West Nile all year round...
So before I go to bed tonight I am going to pray:
May I walk in beauty...
I feel sad for people that are not connected with anyone at all, or for children and youth because it has to be so much more scary. And loving reassurances are something that no wars, diseases, etc. can take away.