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On the war path :)

Posted by Joker on March 18, 2003 at 17:00:18

In Reply to: I'm starting a new subject posted by Acheick on March 18, 2003 at 13:23:08:

Funny, that reminds me of when I asked what my ex-girlfriend liked about Bruce Springsteen's music and why she had all his albums, and what she liked about his lyrics.

And all she could tell me was he has nice arms and a nice butt (Born in the USA album).

What is it with you guys' taste in actors and movies?

Why doesn't anyone think of actors with qualities of facelessness like Sir Alec Guiness, Christopher Walken? What about Anthony Hopkins? Jeremy Irons?

For the life of me, I can't understand why you'd think Mel Gibson is a good actor. He has 3 expressions: confused with eyes darting around; suffering from intense physical pain after being beaten up with an iron rod, kicked in the throat 8 times, massive internal haemorrhaging, 18 fractures in his skull (somehow all his teeth stay in); and an occasional (cute?) smile.

Harrison Ford has 2 1/2 expressions: confused and puzzled, more confused and perplexed, and 1/2 a smile.

Jacky Chan, gives all Chinese/Asians a bad name, by playing up to the Chinaman stereotype. Asians should lobby for better scripts. Apart from Jacky Chan, Asians are still basically extras in movies and as a rule die first. Some think it's worse than when Africans were played by whites wearing shoe polish. Not that silly if you consider most of the roles they got were playing shoe-shine boys. And at least they stayed alive longer.

You asked for good actresses. How about Pamela Anderson?

If you can say Mel G, Harison F. and Jackie C. are good actors, then I say Pamela Andersson is a brilliant and smart actress. Check out the way she dismantles nukes in baywatch. Oops did I say "nukes?" I meant dukes. Check out the way she manages to swim for ours and never have wrinked skin!