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Willful "destruction of evidence"

Posted by Donny on March 23, 2003 at 14:08:27

I've thought about this for months, so here goes. Remember those lit-crumpling, lit-burning events? Remember those times that people sat around in big groups or singly doing the following:

* crumpling and burning "hot" individual Letters
* burning sex video tapes
* destroying copies of The Story of Davidito
* destroying copies of the FF book
* whiting out sentences that were too explicit
* marking explicit sentences through with felt pens
* cutting pages out of "hot" books like the Techi book

This is something that has not really been discussed so far but it is called the willful "destruction of evidence" so far as I know. Anyone have an exact legal term for this? If a corrupt bank does this to cover their criminal activities, the whole world media screams. Yet the Family did it on a worldwide scale.

I was personally never involved in any of the above during my time in the Family, so me denouncing it doesn't have the same weight. Was anyone on this board involved in such and would you care to speak out about it?

Any reactions on this part of Family history? I've heard they were even called "Burning Parties" and were almost a big social event, people chatting while they crumpled. Yet I know some people's consciences must have bothered them at the time. What about now? Any thoughts? I have more questions on this subject but will save them for later.