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Follow the money trail! Is it all about money?

Posted by Bloodhound on March 27, 2003 at 09:10:25

Interesting news yesterday. The war isn't even won and rebuilding contracts have already been handed out to American corporations. One of the big ones went to the oil company that Vice President Dick Cheney used to be CEO of. Imagine that!

Thank goodness the president of France is so adamantly speaking out against the war. In fact for ten years France has argued against the UN sanctions saying that Iraq ought to increase oil production. Now there's a man with common sense. Oh no ... wait, I'm picking up a scent here.

Turns out Iraq owes France billions of dollars for arms and planes and munitions that they bought years ago. Turns out that if Saddam gets overthrown that all those debts will go down the drain and France won't get a penny.