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Re: Try THIS

Posted by just a cannibal on March 27, 2003 at 16:28:54

In Reply to: Try this posted by Freedom Fighter on March 27, 2003 at 15:52:17:

Excuse me but are you aware of the rhetoric in what you are saying? is the US going to go into EVERY Muslim country where women are treated like shit to liberate them? are they going to stop clitoridectomy? Are they going to go into all the world and syndicate on what anybody does, because they are the policemen or the Savior of the world?
since when some people can dictate to other people in sovereign states, no matter how fucked up, how they should live their life? It makes for a dangerous precedent because those things are not negotiated in such a way...except in imperialistic times.

do you know the story about the anthropologist and the cannibal chief...he had heard that in Europe in the WWI there was a battle (Somme) where ONE MILLION men died in one day.

The cannibal chief asked, "how do you manage to EAT that many people?"

the anthropologist reacted in disgust saying "how can you think we'd do something like THAT? we don't EAT people!"

It was the chief's turn to act disgusted and revolted "HOW can you KILL a million people if it is not even for the purpose of eating them! what kind of people are YOU??"

So, in spite of all the rhetoric of whatever a regime may do (and let me tell you, the American regime is no saint either when you look at who sells weapons and fabricates mass destruction or chemical destruction) there is no rhetoric that can hold 'going to free Irak from its own government" (yes, it could work for Kuwait, but this time it does not hold water) because what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and the Iraki people are NOT doing what the Italians and the French were doing in WWI welcoming the allies...kisses, flowers and

The Iraki people feel invaded and want to keep their own identity and country, Saddam or no Saddam. I am no sympathizer of slavery at any level, I am a cult survivor too...but this throwing around of the word freedom is enough to spell newspeak, because there are people with no freedom right in this country right now, who don't even get health insurance for minimum wage jobs that cannot afford them a living. Buy this one and sell it to the Irakis whose 'freedom' that they could not even want will cost 74 billion dollars of American taxes PLUS the money to reconstruct whatever the bombs destroy THERE?

What 'freedom?' It reminds me of the word 'persecution' in the cog, or even 'sharing.' Yeah.