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Posted by JI on March 27, 2003 at 17:09:09

I'm not sure exactly what his/her idea of "freeing Iraq" (spelled with a "q"), is. There are many reasons for the war; i.e., (a) Saddam Hussein and his regime have NOT complied with the conditions arranged through the UN 12 years ago as a condition of not removing them from Iraq at the end of the Gulf War. (b) The documented and known human rights violations of that regime are well-know, if anyone cares to inform themselves. It's amazing to me that people who don't want 'war' are apparently OK with letting hundreds of thousands of people to be gassed, tortured, and live under such a regime. I have read and heard numerous reports of women raped in front of their families, if you speak out against Hussein in Iraq, your tongue will be cut out .... THINK about that one! ... If "scientists" would say anything that lead to any real information about weapons programs, their family would be killed; etc., etc. The first-hand reports are endless, should one care to listen.

(c) It is well-known that Hussein has developed weapons of mass destruction, including bio- and chemical agents. I heard two former Iraqi scientists AND the ambassador to Iraq during the Clinton Administration, discuss in on PBS news ... (along with other sources of information). There is also a very complicated, world-wide network of terrorists absolutely dedicated to obliterating this country (read you & me & your family & friends ... etc) for whom the likes of Hussein is a source of these weapons. This also has been well-documented, for instance on Public Broadcasting programs, which are hardly "conservative" ...

In the last few months, I have heard numerous Iraqi citizens talk about the atrocities which have been occurring in their country for the last 30 years, since Hussein violently overtook the government. Of COURSE these people have their own culture ... everyone knows that --- but they also have the right to determine HOW they want to live, and not to be dictated to by the likes of Saddam Hussein, who ALL people who have any knowledge of the situation, is a psychopathic murderer, as are his sons.

It seems people want his/her OWN freedom to say and do as he/she pleases, but doesn't want to extend the benefits of freedom to anyone else -- which is very sad, because this country would not be what it IS without people willing to fight for it.

You may also advise him/her to read some accounts of the pre-WW 2 rhetoric, about whether or not the US should become involved in the war against Hitler and the Nazi's ... there were the same rantings & ravings about "it's not our business", "its not our fight", "let Europe handle it" (which, of course Europe could NOT), etc., etc. While the US talked, millions of Jews were thrown into gas chambers.

It also touches me deeply that young people need to fight and die; but it makes me also sick to my stomach that the so-called "civilized worlds" of France, Germany, Russian and China would allow that murderous psychopath to remain in a country, to terrorize and torture and murder innocent people, and do BUSINESS with him ...