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Re: Another thing

Posted by Observer on March 28, 2003 at 11:21:46

In Reply to: Another thing posted by Freedom Fighter on March 28, 2003 at 10:57:45:

A good question but I question the final statement: 'Keep talking people, I'm getting a clearer picture.' You might want to explain what you meant by that final statement. It sounds like you question the loyalties of those who scrutinize the U.S. but fail to scrutinize the motives & actions of France or other countries.

I don't think we need to question people's loyalties to their nation or assume they have a single-minded anti-U.S. bias. There can be honest intellectual disagreements & they can run very deep. Colin Powell himself disagreed with Bush for a long time. 50% of all Democrats are against the war, including some 25-30% of Republicans. Many people are simply caught in the middle, disagreeing with the way things are being handled but feeling they must 'get on board' for the sake of larger issues. Damned if they do & damned if they don't.

You raise a good point about France but I would simply say please be careful in making statements such as your last one.