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Re: NDN Technical Problems

Posted by Joseph on March 29, 2003 at 11:02:19

In Reply to: Re: NDN Technical Problems posted by Donny on March 29, 2003 at 10:02:41:

I had to look further into this Al Jazerra hack story.

It's pretty amusing. They were hosting with a company in France. I said FRANCE. Freedom Fries anyone?

Someone went into Network Solutions, which is a company that registers domain names amoung other evil deeds. They redirected the Domain Name Service to a page that showed the American Flag and pro US message.

So.. now what do they do? Open a new domain registration with a company called "My".

Who is Well, I typed that into my net scanner software and this is what I found:

P.O. Box 821067
Vancouver WA 98682-0024
Vancouver, WA 98682-0024

They are located where? Vancouver? Which Vancouver? Vancouver, Washington? You mean the one in the United States?

I'll try to stop stating the obvious. But, here is what you get to see if you try to go to the Al Jazerra website today. It is priceless:

For Immediate Release
March 27, 2003
Contact: Dotster Inc.


Arab satellite TV network’s nameservers changed to MyDomain URL forwarding service by hacker; MyDomain reacts by suspending service.

VANCOUVER, Wash. –, host to more than 600,000 domain names using its free URL forwarding and e-mail services, discovered this morning the domain had been moved to MyDomain servers. MyDomain has learned from NavLink, the company that hosts the Web site from its data centers in France, that Al Jazeera’s domain name account at Network Solutions was compromised. The hacker changed the Web site’s nameservers to point to MyDomain nameservers and erected a page displaying the American flag.

In response, MyDomain has disabled its free URL forwarding service to the domain NavLink has confirmed to MyDomain that it has regained access to the account at Network Solutions and changed the nameservers back to the correct settings. The nameserver changes typically take between 24 and 72 hours to propagate on the Internet.

About MyDomain
Founded in 1998, MyDomain is a leading domain registration service and provider of self-service domain management tools. Customers use MyDomain systems to register domains and self-manage them - whether they have one or many - from a single convenient location on the Web.

MyDomain tools make it easy for our customers, especially small businesses, to maintain their e-mail addresses, domain redirection, and other features of their Web assets from a single interface, while letting them have their Web sites and/or e-mail hosted where they decide. is part of the CAS Holdings Inc. family of domain related service companies, including leading ICANN accredited registrar Dotster Inc.