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Does this happen to you?

Posted by Acheick on March 30, 2003 at 08:55:05

Do you have a bad day, when everything goes wrong or all your problems just seem to cascade over you one after the other like a cruel joke, that start to see nothing but blue skies. When that happens, do you find yourself feeling an underlying hatred for anybody and everything? Like if the guy at the check out counter wants to be all cheery and Pollyanna like you've got this irrisitable urge to deck him one? Is this just my dark side or what? Honestly, sometimes I'd like to just become a hermit away from everyone. So, after a day of being uncontrollably grumpy, I have to get over it or I will end up in a hole somewhere by myself and then I get lonely. Such a dilemma. Is it just me or do others have these problems? I bring this up because my daughter and I went to the store and this guy at the check out counter was acting like the "dude" from the Dell computer commercials and just a chirpin away. We kind of laughed and chuckled with him, but he was awafully syruppy, even on our best day, it was hard to take. My daughter mentioned that if she had been in a bad mood that guy would have irritated her to pieces. I thought, hmm.., if I'm in a bad mood, everyone irritates me. Nothing is sacred and it's all up for fair game. Is it jealousy? If I've gotta be in a bad mood, why should you be so happy? What do you think, does this happen to others?