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I think you are crossing the line

Posted by Another patriot on March 31, 2003 at 08:00:34

In Reply to: add these posted by Conspiracy buff on March 31, 2003 at 06:25:33:

I thought this was a group where because of our past we could come and open up our hearts to search for common answers not a place where weirdoos would threaten others for their views. That's how it was in the amily and it is definitely not the way it was portrayed here.

By accusing people who don't agree with the policies of their country's government and equating them to terrorists you are going too far in your extremism because these are not light charges but very dangerous. There are many crazy people out there who might just take a little unsubtantiated information and do crazy things. I think it is irresponsible and warp on your part to pretend you can just open your mouth and in the name of freedom just express yourself in any manner you want.

Just because people don't agree with your position regarding a war that most of the world abhors and many supporters question doesn't mean they are some type of toothless morons who want to drag a man down the street just because of their darker skin. This is a time for people who are truly patriots to allow and even demand people to exercise their right to speak their minds. That is real democracy. What you are doing is exactly the opposite and even go further to accuse them of not being patriotic or that they have some links with terrorists.

It seems to me that you are closer to the definition of a traidor because that attitude, specially in a time of war is so unamerican and antidemocracy.

Doesn't it strike you as stupid to be in favor of sending troops to harm ways to give some "freedom" and "democracy" to the iraqui people and at the same time denying that very same thing to fellow americans?

Yes, it is the type of stupidity prevalent in whose who are not interested in the truth but on being right in their own eyes.