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If some wars were moral & necessary, which ones?

Posted by Curious on March 31, 2003 at 14:01:36

Miguel's post below triggered this question. If force is sometimes necessary & moral, can we discuss which war were & weren't right?

Desert Storm (kicking Iraq) out of Kuwait? Do we all agree that war was morally right?

Grenada (Reagan kicking the communists out of Grenada)?

Nicaragua (the Sandanistas overthrowing Somoza) Were they right and moral?

Cuba (Casto and Guevara overthrowing the government there) was that right?

India intervening to stop Pakistan from massacring the Bangladeshi? Was India's war right?

Britian's war against Germany? Was that right and moral? America's war against Japan? Was that?

Britain's war against Argentina when Argentina invaded the Falklands (or the Malvinas, if you will). Was Britain right?

Indonesian invasion of Timor, conquering it and suppressing it, and kiling thousands of civilians as they were forced out? Was Indonesia right?

Afghanistan, was Russia right to invade it?

Afghanistan, was America right to invade it?

Chechnyia, is Russia right to stop them from seceding?

Kosovo, were America and NATO right to bomb the hell out of Belgrade to stop the kiling?

Finally, Vietnam? Was America right there or wrong?

Do our political persuasions color our choices?