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French vandals open new front in the war

Posted by reposter on April 02, 2003 at 14:02:28

For those who criticize the Americans for pouring French wine down the gutters, consider this:

Vandals sprayed anti-U.S. slogans on a war memorial in a cemetery in northern France, apparently unaware that no Americans are buried there.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission condemned the vandalism. A member of France's parliament spoke out against it, saying the war with Iraq shouldn't be associated with the sacrifices of Allied soldiers during the two world wars.

The cemetery contains the graves of more than 1,100 Canadians and thousands of British soldiers, but no U.S. soldiers. The memorial was marked by a swastika and graffiti that read, in French, "Dig up your rubbish, it's fouling our soil," and "Death to Yankees."

Another said "Saddam will win and spill your blood."