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Re: *Ahem*

Posted by Joshua on April 04, 2003 at 07:16:01

In Reply to: *Ahem* posted by Coordinator on April 04, 2003 at 06:43:34:

As for the wars in Afghanistan and Bosnia, many people complained about USA' intervention. 70% of the American statistics say support Bush. When the war is finished and USA win possibly, some will say it wasn't good to go fight there to overthrow a weird dangerous regime dealing with torture on its citizens as in Afghanistan or Bosnia. It's a lack of intelligence here more than refusing to be brave enough to fight for your country against weird regimes torturing their people since years with nobody doing anything! About saying my post is not intelligent, it's your opinion! To be lukewarm is dangerous, as, for example, having stayed for some so many years in a cult without denouncing its illegal activities and doing nothing about it! That is there a lack of intelligence some even have still!... When the COG cult weas exposed on 20-20 tv program, many in the cult saw it as "persecution", but if they would have listen more, they might have seen that they should have left the cult then for the sake of their children and theirs'!

Irak people are like this too. UN couldn't overthrow Hussein, so a sane army will do it. To complain against overthrowing evil is a disgrace and lukewarm attitude and is childish and non-intelligent... Bravery is not sold in stores and for true men only!