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Re: Check into a few facts

Posted by Still not impressed on April 05, 2003 at 18:53:35

In Reply to: Check into a few facts posted by Thinker on April 04, 2003 at 14:20:18:

Just how is it less convincing for Iraq? This is nothing new - they've tried diplomacy for 12 years. They've known about the atrocities and crimes against his own people, his using WMD on oridinary citizens and the Kurds. Did you know that when Israel was first made a country it was Saddam that got together with several Arab states and tried to take them out militarily, including with Palestine? He regularly gives the families of Palestinians that are blown up in suicide bombs $50,000. Even if they didn't care enough about the cause, it could be enough of a reason for some of these poor families to commit suicide.

And just what's your solution and what's your point? Let the terrorists have the oil and use oil money to blow up people with suicide bombs because you think the U.S. can't have more than their share? Let a known terrorist regime keep control because you're afraid the U.S. may have self interest? Let them continue to attack the U.S. with their oil money while we cower because of self doubt? Yes, the an affluent society. Many countries do not have what we have, and that's why they come by the boatloads, they come by the seat of their pants, risking life and limb to get onto our soil. Did you know that Mexican women regularly will wait until they go into labor and then cross the border in a mad dash at the last minute so they can deliver on U.S. soil and then ensure that their child will be a citizen and able to have the benefits that America provides? I know this from talking to an Ambulance driver who worked on the border. If you cut the goose to get to the golden egg, you will be left with nothing. There is a reason why America is so affluent and it's not just because of being a bully, it's because Capitalism encourages such opportunities.

Iraq was a mistake of the British and they are no doubt feeling they need to clean up the mess they made. This struggle to control Saddam has been going on for over 12 years (if not longer). They have wanted to take Saddam out and they've tried to let the UN do it, but the UN coudln't. obviously, sanctions against the country only made things worse. So much for the UN's and the Euorpean idea of diplomacy and pressure.

I'm just glad we finally got a president who, even if you don't like him, puts his money where his mouth is and won't disappoint people. We will go in, take out the evil regime and then rebuild the country. That's what Americans do. Hopefully, that will benefit the whole world. I think that's pretty positive and will save lives in the long run even if it is ugly at the moment. I only hope that they can stay there long enough to ensure that no other tyrannical dictator takes over.