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What happened?

Posted by War is Evil on April 09, 2003 at 18:50:40

My post from April 8th was deleted. It did not contain any obscene language, personal attacks or anything besides a political opinion.

Your rules state: "Lively discussions are encouraged as long as a certain level of civility is maintained. Please donít make it personal."

The Seargent who posted here put forward some ideas that I strongly objected to, and so I told him off. I did so in general terms, I did not use his name. The only thing I "threatened" him with was legal action if he breaks the laws of war, but the same is true for all soldiers, in any army. By the way, I'm in the Army too, but I'm just a corporal, not a high and mighty E-5.

I can understand if you disagree with me, but why are you just sweeping my opinions under the rug? You didn't even bother to tell me why you censored my post.

I like your web site, and I have enjoyed reading the articles here. I rarely, if ever post and the only reason I did so this time was because that soldier's blatantly facist attitude. Reading his post made me feel ashamed to be American.