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Re: Liberating the Iraquis & finding chemical weapons

Posted by Watching on April 10, 2003 at 07:53:53

In Reply to: Re: Liberating the Iraquis & finding chemical weapons posted by Visiting on April 07, 2003 at 15:45:45:

So what. Do they also know that those soldiers they "supposedly" supported were themselves feeling low moral because of the news from home of all the protests? This is not compatable. The Viet Nam war was lost because of low moral and politcal bickering. We are winning this war because we have an administration that has a clear objective and does not bend easily. Because they see something that is evil and do not make any excuses for it. Because they realize that victory can only come about by a fast, hard thrust, not years of diplomacy or hoping that something will change and in the meanwhile 100s of thousands are dying needlessly. That in the end, a swift, harsh war will save lives in the long run.

And besides, how do you know which TV report is the truth? Maybe neither, maybe both. Certainly, something incredible moved this man, it could very well have been two things if not more. And his is not the only report anyway - unless you consider all Iraqi citizens speaking out whether here or there to be bogus accounts, then I suppose you only believe what you want to believe. It seems to me you are on the bandwagon to simply discredit anything that this war is accomplishing.