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Re: Hmmmm.....

Posted by hmmmm on April 10, 2003 at 18:46:36

In Reply to: Re: Hmmmm..... posted by Ending visit and 10-40 on April 10, 2003 at 15:48:16:

Oh, but it's ok to kill babies because that's a good cause? Anything the U.S. does is a bad cause, however, nevermind that scores will be saved in the long run, this is a fact you refuse to look at.

Nevermind that we have cheap oil because we make our bed with the Saudi's who wish to do away with our progressive 21st lifestyle and take us back into the dark ages. And all for you so you can have a cheap education and advance yourself unlike anywhere else in the world. You will be the one shocked when and if the administration gets smart enough to cut off our oil ties and cut out those influences and you have to grow your own vegetables, when you can't get your latte at the local student hang out, when you can't find your favorite cheese or deli meat. Oh, but it's nice to have all these riches and condemn it all at the same time, how righteous you must feel.

Yes, it is a paradox that socialists and liberals seem to mesh with each other, doesn't it? Maybe they should do some reflecting on that one.

Funny, it seems you have missread the above poster's mind yourself. You shouldn't be so quick to think you are smug enough to do that. And where is the anger? The war is not what makes people angry, it's the fanatical protestors who encourage the enemy. Yes, that is worth being angry about. And there is such a thing as evil in this world and if I have to chose between the lesser of two evils, it's certainly not going to be for some sadistic and oppressive regime. You worry about health care? You make me laugh. Try going to some of these countries who can't even get a tooth pulled or proper care for their children.

Maybe you should go watch Michael Moore's "documentary" and fall all over yourself with all those "facts." You actually scare me.