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Re: Questions

Posted by Jaded on April 10, 2003 at 22:08:27

In Reply to: Questions posted by Thinker on April 07, 2003 at 03:11:20:

Apparently, the world seems to have forgotten just how awful communism was and is. The U.S., because of some of the so-called determined by some unfavorable foreign policy techniques, managed to face off the cold war. Like it or not, the guys with the biggest guns wins. Yes, the U.S. does sit down and review it's policies, bad and good, and tries to make up for them. I don't know about Britain, I'm not that involved with that country, but for sure the U.S. spends an awful lot of time allowing critics and reviewing past perceived or not mistakes. How about the efforts that have gone into the civil rights movement to right the wrongs of the past? How about the efforts that have gone into making women equal, giving them the standing next to men? Native Americans now are becoming richer than their white brothers with the casinos and land that they have. It's good to see. And, BTW, they fly the American flag. I sure see a lot of effort in trying to right the past wrongs and if you do that, then you have to admit there were wrongs. Nothing is perfect of course, but progress is being made. I don't see Arab leaders apologizing to their own kind for murdering whole villages. I don't see the Palestinians reflecting on how they joined together with Saddam and a feew other countries to wage war against Israell as soon as they got off the boat. There was no West Bank problem then. What the whining American people fail to realize is that a lot of the foreign policy is designed to keep their lives as comfortable as they are, it's for them. I don't know what vantage point you are looking from, but it sure seems to be awfully limited in scope. I do believe there has been a lot of admitting that we backed the wrong guy with Bin Laden and Hussein, that is just common knowledge, none of this stuff is hidden, for goodness sakes. You act as if the U.S. sits there all smug pretending to be perfect. Where is that coming from?

No - all peace movements aren't socialist in nature, but did you know that it is a fact that one of the major contributors organizing the peace movements in the U.S. is a communist organization funded with money from communists? Check out INternational Answer (Act Now to Stop War and Racism) and their connection to an obscure communnist outfit called the Workers World Party. and Of course they would back the peace movements, it only helps their cause. Any rational person should be able to see that. Did you forget that Lenin called the Western liberals who took the side of the soviets in political debates, "useful idiots?" He considered them useful to his cause, which they were and are, but still idiots because they effectively are helping in the demise of the very thing they live for.

And as far as foreign policy, is your only source of information all the bad things the U.S. has done or do you care to investigate anything else? How about the fact that the dear U.N. inspector, Kofi Anan, in 1994 blocked any use of U.N. troops in Rwanda even though he was told by his reps there that the genocide could be stopped before it started? I don't remember hearing any cries of outrage or marches going on for Rwandans. Bill Clinton rode on his coatails and would not let Madeline Albright our UN rep, act as Bush did in Iraq, and some 800,000 lives were lost. Yes, foreign policy can be wrong in many ways and it would behoove ALL of us to learn from it. One thing we need to learn first, is how to act when we need to act, and make no apologies. Terrorism hit the shores of the U.S. because of our pacivity - in this case, it becomes nothing short of suicide.