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Re: From the ashes of defeat

Posted by MG on April 10, 2003 at 22:51:34

In Reply to: From the ashes of defeat posted by Lyle on April 10, 2003 at 18:31:04:

When you talk about leaving " ...the cultic frame of mind..." that really does mean something. I see a family who lives in our area who still tithe as FMers (TSers). They got re-classified during the big purge of the early 90's, because they had not been able to properly keep the standards of child raising, their children were considered to be undisciplined, and a bad influence etc. They have a lot of children now too, they had 3 more after they became TS.

Amazingly though, they still support the Family. To be an FMer means you send in 10%. You are "rewarded" with the monthly mailings, and of course you will have "rewards in heaven" too, and will not suffer the fate of the systemites when the Great Tribulation rolls in, you'll be right up there helping the "elite" CMer "saints" defeat the AC soldiers. As having been a faithful FMer, maybe you'll even come through in the end and you might have "fire coming out of your mouth" too.

Anyway, this FM (TS) family continues to hang on to those ideas. At the same time however, they live on the edge of poverty, managing to barely get by with the help of social assistance. But the tithe is paid every month and they get their packs of mailings, even GNs such as the Vandari one.

The 3 times I tried to question Bergism, Maria and Peter, etc., the wife got very very upset with me. Her husband didn't get emotional but he said he didn't agree.

To me a lot of the dysfunctionality I've observed in this FM family is directly linked to their continued allegience to the Family and the "cultic frame of mind". They have the same problems that lots of people have, but I think they haven't attempted to work out some of these problems, because Family doctrine tells you that if your problem has something to do with not being able to make it in the system then that's not really a problem, in fact it's to your credit.