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Re: Bowling for the truth - Michael Moore's mockumentary

Posted by Mike W. on April 11, 2003 at 11:56:01

In Reply to: Bowling for the truth - Michael Moore's mockumentary posted by not brainwashed on April 10, 2003 at 07:43:13:

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but what I have read doesn't surprise me.
What Michael Moore has done is create an Urban Legend with this fiction. Like a lot of Liberal babble, it's full of half truths or outright lies.
That's one reason it's so difficult for me personally to read liberal news articles: you don't necessarily get factual information. You get half truths, or exagerations, or outright lies with much of the liberal media.
I just got into a heavy discussion with a woman who helps us with our homeless in Portland. Our program is run by our Bible group, but we invite and allow anyone to help. This particular woman is very liberal, very nice, and very New Agey. We tend to overlook these things, because she is also very helpful, very kind and very funny. We love this woman. However, the other night she said she wanted to watch Bowling For Columbine. I told her I had heard some pretty bad things about the film, and that she really shouldn't allow herself to be brainswashed by the Liberals by exposing herself to their Propoganda. Of course this got a reaction from her (which is what I wanted), and this turned into a heavy discussion about abortion, the war, gun control, etc.
Once the discussion was over, we got into my truck and joked the rest of the evening about silly things we've done downtown (such as pulling over in downtown Portland and asking someone "Pardon me, sir. Where is the Space Needle? We need to be there in 15 minutes for a dinner engagement.) We let the heavy discussion and disagreements not interfere with our friendship. However, it's good to vent, and to take a stand on what we believe in, and NOT allow liberal people to run our lives and our programs. We have to make a stand and draw a line as to what is and is not acceptable to us.
Bowling For Columbine is not a documentary. It is not completely factual. It's actually a joke, just like so many things about the Liberal Media.