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Re: Selfworth & following dreams

Posted by tigress on April 14, 2003 at 03:51:22

In Reply to: Re: Selfworth & following dreams posted by Donny on April 11, 2003 at 08:51:17:

I really liked these posts. I struggled with the definitions of success and other issues like anything. I found an interesting website called It's a site for people who are or want to coach others. I love some of their checklists which are called cleansweep, personal foundation etc. Membership is free. I may not agree with all their ideas, but for me it was a way to possibly tie up counselling skills from TF with professional views on the subject of helping others. To structure some of my thinking about life and success and other areas I found some of their stuff great. I was a real pusher in TF plus a mom of numerous kids, but I had quite a health problem recently. I think it was stress related and from all that "pushing" after leaving TF 5 years ago- I underestimated some of the problems the changes would bring and overestimated my strenght at 45- but I am learning to take it easier- at least in my mind. All this to say, some of these checklists I found might help someone who has troubles "making it" or who "feels" unsuccessful.