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Lost in Space

Posted by on April 19, 2003 at 09:47:50

Remember that Idea of being lost in space. I feel like that floating. IO'm just waiting and hopeing and trying to have faith. When my father and mother forsake me then the Lord will take me up. I've been on my own since 1967. I left home searching for truth in the middle of the Veitnam war. I only had a Dad and when I finally joined the Fam in 1972 they had an impact on me.
The basic letters became my life in spite of IRF"ERS Beware and when my dad died in 1983 I really was on my own.
I wanted to breakout so bad and then I became involved with the Family again in 1989. My house became a family home I had 23 acres a bunk house and 23 foot trailer and the house. Sattlite dish and a fulltime job. Whar a life and then we became do. I lasted for a year. Wow. I learned some good things and got back into the basic letters. I loved to learn how to pray Heavenly Communications, Stop Look and Listen exctea. I neve got into the weird stuff about meme exctra. I'm verry saddened by all the people that got hurt my children and everyone.
I'm not a church person and never will be. I've been changed forever by my experience and now I'm alone and trapped by life. I feel like a Captian going down with the ship. He that sweareth to his own hurt and changeth not. Even though i'm lost I cling to little words of truth. I thank God I have Jesus in my heart as I know love will never fail. I'm definately a floater. I don't think like I want to be. a diamond of dust. but lost in space.forgive me for the drawn out self exam. Love yo