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Family finances -- update

Posted by archivist on April 23, 2003 at 10:09:23

Following is an extract from the Family's internal newsmag, THE GRAPEVINE -- edition 153, April 15, 2003. It shows that after years of pushing the ACTIVATED program, and after years of prophecies saying that they would be a financial power, they are broke and scrounging for money -- literally begging members to fork over their inheritances.

Notice regarding WS finances, April 2003
Dear Family,
Recently WS income has not been able to cover all of WS outgoing gifts and expenses, so we've sent out the below notice to all WS gift recipients worldwide notifying them of a possible/probable cut in WS budgets starting next month, May. This will likely mean a cut in WS services to you, dear Family, because our WS units and Family production centers will have to live within their reduced budgets. We'd like to ask any of you who come upon windfalls or any extra funds at all, to pray about possibly sending financial help to WS with your next TRF.
We'd also like to ask you to please pray desperately with us and claim the keys that the Lord will supply the funds that are needed. Thank you very much, dear Family!

Love and thanks,
Your WS administration team

Notice to all WS units and WS gift recipients, April 2003
Dear Loved Ones,
We love you very much and are so thankful for you our mates who have dedicated your lives to our Lover and Husband, and who do so very much for Him. We truly admire you and are honored to be serving our great Family by your sides.
As seems to happen every so often in the Lord's service, we have to reduce our expenses in order to stay within our income. Recently with so many different projects and areas being financed by WS, our expenses have risen above our income, and though we've tried to diligently maintain the budgets, our income hasn't been meeting our outgo. It's gotten to the point where we can no longer sustain the current outgo unless our income increases, or our expenses decrease. We prayed about cutting the budgets down 10% this month, but the Lord said we should wait one month in order to give everyone worldwide time to prepare for a possible budget cut next month.
So this note is to let you all know that unless income picks up drastically, next month we plan on having a 10% budget cut on all WS gifts across the board--WS units, production centers, Activated desks, translation centers, music studios, missions gifts, everything. This will more than likely result in decreased WS services as well. We're sorry to have to do this, but we must stay within our income.
Please desperately pray with the keys for the Lord to increase our finances right away. We know He has the power to do it. We will issue the budgets at 100% for April, but starting May, unless there is a major increase, all WS units and gift recipients will need to take a cut, which will have to continue until income picks up sufficiently to lift the budget cuts. Thank you so much for your understanding, and for your prayers.
We pray this will give you enough time to prepare by praying and counseling about ways to cut down your expenses in order to manage.
Besides your fervent prayers, we'd like to ask that if you know of anyone who receives an inheritance or windfall, or if you hear of anyone who has a large amount of funds, to ask them to consider giving to WS, because unless we get some windfalls or the Homes increase their giving, budgets and services will have to be cut. Thanks so much for your prayers and for your asking--both of the Lord and others.
We're sure the Lord will see us all through this, but for now we'll all have to tighten our belts until either our expenses get back within our income, or our income rises to meet current expenses. When we prayed about it the Lord told us that He can and will do a miracle if His people will get desperate and pray. He said the cattle on a thousand hills are His and that He will give them to whom He wants, but first He must see desperate and yielded hearts.
Thanks so very much for your prayers for the Lord to abundantly supply. There is nothing that the keys can't do, and we know they will release their power of supply as we ask. Thank you again for your diligent and faithful efforts on behalf of the Family. We continue to pray for you, too, that the Lord will supply for each of you, make up for any amounts that WS might not be able to supply, and give you the wisdom on how to proceed financially in your situation.

With much love and prayers,
Your WS administration team

"I have promised to supply every need through My riches and the keys of My Kingdom. There's nothing you need that I won't happily give you. Put Me on the spot, prove My promises, and expect abundant supply, regardless of how big or small the need may seem."

"Whatsoever you ask in faith and in the power of the keys will be given you. You face obstacles and you have needs, yet My promises are as good as money in the bank--even better! Stretch your faith and claim more than you're used to claiming. I will honor My promises and supply what you're asking for."