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Article from Argentina

Posted by Sam Ajemian on April 24, 2003 at 11:18:21

The following is an article published in the early ninties. Does anybody know if there is a COG comic titled "The Cross and the Switchblade". This person could very be what he claims to be, a missinory with the Assemblies of God. I have been asked if maybe he is Family member. Sam Ajemian

Nothing unusual in the distribution of pictures and pamphlets

The local police stated yesterday that “there are no elements that could be considered unusual” with the pictures and albums that were being distributed by promoters at the vicinity of several educational establishments. Allegations about persons which, disguised as clowns, proceeded to the distribution of literature about a religious congregation were also investigated but no illegal activities were found.

After being confronted by claims from 71st. School and the children’s parents, Police Inspector Blas Quinteros informed this newspaper that the persons involved were kept in custody while their antecedents were being investigated and the documentation of the automobile used by the first group was also checked.

Deputy Police Inspector Argentino Valenzuela, from the Melipal Police Sub-station, referred that, in view of allegations by a teacher and as a result of requirements presented by the Regional Council of Education, the Police proceeded to gather all available antecedents related to the Assemblies of God, whose preachers had been distributing leaflets and comics at several places around the city.

In this case, people’s uneasiness resulted from the presence of persons which, disguised as clowns, were seen while taking photographic pictures and filming that district’s School and its pupils.

Pastor Marcos Triplett, of the so called Family Cathedral of Bariloche declared that “this is nothing like a sect”, but that his Church belongs to the Assemblies of God, a non profitable religious institution, established in Argentina since 1947 and legally incorporated under Nr. 37,567, properly registered at the Ministry of Foreign and Religious Affairs and other Governmental Departments, Mr. Triplett also claimed that the Assemblies of God count with more that 900 churches all over the Country.

The Assemblies of God is fraternity of Christian Evangelic Churches which “believe in, teach and practice de Gospel of the Lord Jesus”, Mr. Triplett declared to this newspaper and claimed that, taking advantage of the Snow Feast and days immediately following the celebrations, preachers which arrived from several places in America, distributed the leaflets and pictures at several points of the city.


Speaking of the Melipal case the preachers, which were of American origin, by mere chance found themselves facing that school while they were on a house to house preaching at the district, Mr. Triplett declared to us. He also explained that, as the preachers were disguised as clowns, called the attention of the children and that the pictures were taken as a testimony of their passage through the city. They had no knowledge of the language, Mr. Triplett said and “perhaps that was the reason why they couldn’t explain their situation properly” and that they have now returned to there Country of origin.

In his endevour to give the proper explanations, Mr. Triplett himself met the school authorities and claimed that one of the comics, the one with the title “The Cross and the Dagger” makes reference to the danger of drugs abuse, while other that was distributed before, alludes to the importance of home and the family.

Mr. Triplett also explained that these activities keeps no relation whatsoever with the distribution of albums and collectable pictures. He also regretted the fact that their work had been misinterpreted, as their mission is also extended to other fields, such as social work and the recuperation of drug addicts and alcoholics.