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It's always been this way

Posted by Acheick on April 26, 2003 at 19:38:21

In Reply to: Re: Family finances -- update posted by Joseph on April 23, 2003 at 11:35:28:

As the above poster said, they are one of the most ineffective cults around. Or, the people at the top are hoarding a bunch of money somewhere. That's possible, but for sure, they waste an incredible amount of money. Here's how: 1 - they are constantly moving large families around whom they expect to support them through their tithes. These people end up spending all the money they procure on moving (you know how expensive it is to move?), plane tickets, buying or trying to provision new supplies in thier new location, and so on 2) expensive projects that end up being thrown out - such as the Gold Lion readers that Hosea was doing in Hong Kong. Everyone in the F. (so said the great alcoholic prophet) was supposed to get a complete library of all his wonderful books (he fancied himself to be up there with Chairman Mao and his little red book of propoganda). So, they produced all these books so that every single disciple, including all children from the age of 12 and up could have their own complete library. Guess where most of those went? Into storage - there must be thousands in storage somewhere because they were and are so paranoid, and rightly so with the damnable doctrines of Berg, that they had to hide them and the homes would have one library of books that they locked up, no one could take them out of the home. Then what would inevitably happen is that the person or persons who rented the storage room would be sent away, maybe on a faith trip, or demoted or some stupid thing, and the books would languish or finally be thrown out because the storage fees weren't paid. They must have wasted millions on all those stupid books they are always producing. I'm betting the way of doing things in the F. has not changed much and they are still wasting tons of money. There is always some hair-brained idea being promoted and then people will get demoted or moved around and in the shuffle, projects get dumped or passed around - how can you run an outfit like that when the management is constantly shifting and no one trusts anyone? 3) then there are world service homes which are completely supported by the tithes of the loaly street person. They live in huge homes and never go out to raise money because their job is to run the F. and do the paperwork and put out the pubs. There are probably several of these in almost every country the F. has a large amount of disciples. So do the math. How much do you think it costs to run one of these homes of say, 20 people or so, and often with children. No one eans an income and no one goes out actively soliciting donations, they are completely supported by F. members. Just those 3 situations alone must be costing each F. member dearly. It's like backpeddling upstream, they are never going to get anywhere.