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Posted by on April 27, 2003 at 10:01:46

I remember being in the Dominician Rupublic and suffering for the need of money to pay the rent. We just had our second child on April 10 1978, Miguel. We were wittnessing and needing money s bad. I felt like a car salesman having a bad day.We ended up leaving the Family when David wrote a letter saying it was ok to go back and reorganize exctra.
Also while in Managua Nicaragua in 1976 when our first son was born we wre in charge of the home there. All the family would go out and come home with pennies which made it very hard to pay the rent and send in money. We had our first child in 1976 Managua. We were in charge of a bunch of sweet dumb sheep and we were also dumb sheep.
We ended up getting rid of the Family home and gwetting a little home in Masaya Nicaragua in the country. It felt like slaying a dragon getting rid of that house. I must have had little faith.
Then the bishops and regional finally came. Boy were we in trouble. we were told to go on the road and get rid of our little country house. We would now get a bigger more lavish expensive sample home. They offered for us to have a room in the closet with our newborn or to go on the road.
When going littnessing with the regional all he wanted to do was drink coffee or go to movies. I lost faith and went to the States. backslid.
Then my wife was taken from me and it's the money thing again. IRF'ERs Beware
I've feltlike Annias and Safira after that letter and now I'm in debt over my head and like is says wow unto him who is alone when he falleth for he hath not another to help him up.
I thank God for his precious promises in his word. I'd be totally lost without Jesus.
I'm working 2 jobs An automotive machinist and then a Janitor. Please pray for me.
Thankyou everyone who has responded to me. I'm glad to know all of you. The Lord's army
I musta done some awful sin.
Love you all