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Some more on the postive side

Posted by Donny on July 12, 2003 at 22:17:55

In Reply to: Re: Interesting comments on MovingOn posted by Donny on July 12, 2003 at 16:53:32:

Despite the negative posts you mentioned (which I do not deny have truth to them), I just read some additonal very excellent and well thought-out explanations on MovingOn re: those still in the Family and why generalizations aren't accurate.

People don't just stay on in the Family because they're thick-headed (thus deserve to be there, serves 'em right) or because they're lazy leeches. There are a number of reasons, mostly thinking they're saving the world, or because most or all of their life is invested in the group, all their friends and family are there, plus it's a scary step to leave the weird isolation of the Family "bubble" and join the rest of us out here in the real world.

There was a discussion about this very issue re: FGAs a few months ago, remember? Someone was saying that if someone was STILL in the Family at this point, that they were basically reprobate and a lost cause. But it's never too late for someone to wake up and see the truth just ain't in the Family or the lies of its leadership, plus to realize that the secular world (aka "evil system") is not out to get them, but is a normal world where normal people live.

I think as long as people want to leave the Family and take the huge step of starting life all over again, they ought to be applauded, not asked, "What took you so long to wake up, buddy?" It takes tremendous courage and resolve to finally make the break, and some people simply need to get things together and planned so they can leave.

Leadership and even other Family members heap condemnations, insults, "backslider" labels, etc. on those wanting to leave so it takes a lot of courage to stand up for what they know to be true and make the break. Plus, there's all those years of lying propaganda that if they leave their plane will crash, the merciful loving God will murder them, they'll become drug-addicts, have to search for sex in disco-bars, or be cursed in a million different ways for going to the slime-pit of the system. It's a lot of junk to buck.

Remember when you made the break?