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Can we settle this issue definitively?

Posted by Observer on August 08, 2003 at 14:46:21

I just read a post below by 'Archivist' re: the issue of what was published for all Family members to know, what maybe was not generally known, when the Lit Purges came out, etc. Since all this ties in to the issue of 'who knew what' & is therefore responsible for that knowledge, whether agreeing with it, compartmentalizing it or busy litnessing & didn't tune in, so for the sake of finishing this discussion & providing a definitive reference point, can we come up with a list of what was out & who knew what, like year, pub, basically what it said, & who would have read it (GP, DO, LTO). This would not be a mere historical archive but a benchmark. Anyone who knows what year a denial or PR statement came out, please throw that in as well, or a revison of sexual policies. Or am I the only one who sees the value of this?