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Re: FF reports.

Posted by not blinded by the blight on August 20, 2003 at 19:40:23

In Reply to: Re: FF reports. posted by Laura on August 20, 2003 at 16:29:11:

Well Sam, I was in the family and I remember the diaries that were sent out with daily pages to jot down what you were doing in 15 minute increments. Also, how many people you "Fished" how, what ways, what their general demographics were, (i.e. professional, city father, etc- though these weren't the exact wordings).
I got out in Dec. of 82!! These diaries also even asked how much wine you drank, how often you went to the bathroom or something like that. They were VERY VERY detailed.
There were also many newsletters that printed the shiners stats for FFing. I remember this one girl that FFed in the 30's or more (fish she f88'd) per week. This diary was in common useage, because I primarily was out clubbing (using music) for income. Also during those first few eighties yrs, there were women who were encouraged to join escort agencies, and many did, so more people could be "reached" and more money come in, too of course!
I was not in a top home during this time (in fact I was on the ground floor, in an average home!) And I was not in an "FF" home. But these stats were gathered from all as far as I know. And these diaries were sent to all members.
Also, when I was in Asia, some people I was travelling with, the wife got heavy into FFing and she was pregnant also. There was one girl who was injured badly by a trick who put a hanger in her. Gee. Berg sure did care about his "sheep" didn't he?