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Re: Thank you!

Posted by Sam Ajemian on August 22, 2003 at 22:07:56

In Reply to: Thank you! posted by Sam Fan on August 22, 2003 at 09:11:34:

Sam: Hi Sam Fan. I am not opposed to the things Avangirl said, I appreciate the info, some of the things she said I didn't know, and I never made the claim that I know or am well versed as far as the legal side of things. I am open and clear about the fact that I know very little about the legal side of things.

Sam, if exposing the F. is your occupation, full-time or part-time, you should at least bother to look into the legality and ethics of your actions. You should place yourself under scrutiny. There was a lot of useful relevant information in Anovagrrl's posts. IMO, you should bother examine the costs of your actions, before you rush into taking them.
Sam: Sam's fan believe me when I say that I understand the issue of sensitivity your raise, people trying to rebuilt there lives and here comes an elephant in a china store. Believe me I undestand all that. I don't know who you are and if you have met me personally. You must agree with some of the things I do and say to call yourslef my fan.

Privacy is a serious matter protected by law. While it is a crime not to report abuse that you are aware of, there are still many situations where you have no right to "out" people, and many situations when the fight is not yours.
Sam: I am not out to out or expose people that I don't have any busness exposing. I am a pragmatist. I am not trying to change the world and make it perfect, correct every injustice, right every wrong.

If I did not tell my employer that I was in the F., and I used some F. generated credits to fill in missing years in my resume, would you consider it your duty to "out" me because I hold a job based on a "lie?"
Sam: Using a fake certificate to fool your employer is wrong, but I am not going to get involved with that. Maybe I should. I live among Armenians and there is a lot of that kind of thing going on among Armenians. They are worse than the Family in milking the system. Sometimes when I see all that I get very upset, but have I repoteted even one case to the authorities? No.
But I will tell you where I draw the line and I have said this before. I draw the line when a father or mother sexually molested their daughter or son, or let their little girl have sex with the guy who provided shoes to the Family, or the guy who had a little boy perform oral sex on him, or the mother who was sexualy involved with her own daughter and send her out ffing when she was 13 or 14. The guy who beat his step son so hard that he actually had an out of body experience. Now, I don't know if you are a woman, and if you ffed. Do you think I would ever call your boss and tell him that you were a prostitute wroking in an escort service or that you you lied to get your son a job? No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't be wrong if I did. And I am wrong if I don't. Have I done it? No. Am I going to do it in the future? Probably never. As I said, I draw the line when it comes to children. Maybe 100 years ago I would had drawn the line much higher, but as I said I am a pragmatist.
Sam A.