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"Loving Jesus" not for children?

Posted by Donny on August 26, 2003 at 17:55:19

In Reply to: Re: Anovagrrl, about exposure in Russia posted by Jules on August 26, 2003 at 15:54:22:

Jules, good points and I agree that wanting to uproot a group from the face of the earth simply over their religious beliefs amounts to little more than religious persecution. Mind you, exposing their sexual-religious beliefs to the public is not persecution, merely discussing them in an open forum. This is a privilege of free speech denied to internal members, but certainly an accepted right in most of the free world.

I also agree that the Family should only be targeted for the actual illegal policies and practices they are guilty of (of which there are many). So it's a touch question sometimes when wanting to expose the Family, say in Russia, wondering if that particular front is guilty of the entire gamut of crimes for which the Family itself is guilty. As someone else wrote here, the Family has learned to have some "token systemites" in some of their FCF-related fronts and missions.

I think it behooves anyone involved in "exposing" the Family to move carefully and with due consideration. However, my thought on Family Fronts is that one of the main purposes of their fronts (though they may be doing good work) is to provide PR currency, cash and a source of new recruits for the Family. Of course, the Family will always point to these fronts and say, "For which of these good works do ye stone me?" but that is to be expected.

But about "Loving Jesus," do you know the current age that it is practiced in the Family? Tho they put out a disclaimer that it is "not for children" do they in actual practice teach it to minors?