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Re: Didn't Miguel get blamed for that?

Posted by jo on September 02, 2003 at 21:41:51

In Reply to: Didn't Miguel get blamed for that? posted by Donny on September 02, 2003 at 14:23:02:

I do remember a time, probably around 71 when Miguel was around Aaron, and seemed to dislike him a lot. But his sitters as far as I knew were usually Mother Eve, and her bunch.
The sad thing is that Aaron likely had a very treatable illness and was denied a professional evaluation because of the family's keen lack of appreciation for MD's, especially if they were psychiatrists.
I never heard of Miguel being his body guard, or of a letter about Miguel being blamed, but then again, I heard about Aaron's death a good while after it happened because I was in the Canaries and the Lista de Correos is where we got our mail. WHEN we got it! Usually very delayed.
I do know that a matter of weeks before I went to the Canaries ( which was for about 9 mos.), that Aaron was definitely travelling with Mother Eve and Shula at that time, and was in Scandinavia. And I remember my ex and I were in a room with them and M.E. was speaking to him about sending us to the Canaries. Which we did end up going there. Aaron was lying on a bed, SEVERELY depressed. He was saying that all kids should go to the Canaries where it was spring all year round. He also sounded real "negative" because depression, clinical depression, or bi-polar disorder- the depressive side, are not spirits but real physical illnesses that are treatable. But that sort of treatment was taboo to the family. I mean, a mental illness was a real stigma. That is really sad.