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Sam, you have some very good points

Posted by jo on September 07, 2003 at 11:33:57

In Reply to: Re: WTF? posted by Sam Ajemian on September 06, 2003 at 23:56:02:

I wonder what is mis-communication? And what is actually opposed by many? You write newsletters and give e-mail addys for exposing the family. On a public basis, I understand your zeal for that.
The only thing I am not sure of is when it comes to exposing or outing an individual who is possibly separated from the family and doing good work, detaching from the crap. I know that it is self-destructive and self-defeating for a person to tell all regarding their past when they haven't fully been able to even come to grips with it themselves. And i see it on a individual basis being up to the people themselves. To expose an org. that is family going by another name and printing videos or tapes that will influence others to where they will get a false impression of the core family beliefs, is great. (As with Cherub Wings) I am glad some people are doing that.
I think it is imperative that people be allowed to put the lid on their past to get on their own two feet because society at large will not be so kind if they "tell all" about their own personal lives within. This can be very destructive to the individual and personally, I applaud those leaving and separating from the family, regardless of whether or not they ever open their mouths about the family and their past connections with it.
I think it is very important to be absolutely sure of all of your information and the possible fallout from you mode of exposure before publicizing or posting about it. I hope that is what you are doing.
At the same time, I think that people that have grown up in the family have much to offer others even as they heal themselves via counseling or group support and/or building their own lives.
I don't believe that they are incapable of helping street kids. If they are not grooming them for the Family, but are helping them, what is the harm? Sure, they have undesirable teachings, but most hate those teachings. It appears that many of them that have cut their ties have great ethics and strength.
Most alcoholics and addicts in recovery do not go to the DMV to get a driver's license and tell all about their past. If they said they had a history of it, even though they had been sober a yr. or more, they would be penalized for telling on themselves. Already they have great obstacles to face in getting jobs, getting back and forth to work, low paying jobs most times. More financial strain is not what will help them. Neither will turning over the names of their dealers or admitting to past felonious activities they never got caught doing. The sincere change warrants all the assistance they can get to make it on their own and to build their future. Maybe I am reading you wrong regarding reporting individuals? Or trying to force them to?