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To answer your question

Posted by WC (gen coord) on September 08, 2003 at 14:15:53

In Reply to: Re: This is not a cult posted by Joseph on September 08, 2003 at 13:58:52:

Well that was quite a jab, but I'll answer for the record once more. In other words, whether rhetorically or not, you meant to ask:

"Regarding my claim that certain people treat Sam in a special manner. Did [the coordinators] ever inform him that he should not post messages on behalf of banned individuals? Or [ were all the coordinators] too busy trying to figure out how to blame me for that whole thing?"

Well I can assure you that there were no discussions going on about "how to blame Joseph for everything" or anything close to it. Everyone was just upset that the whole thing was happening at all, and we were mostly concerned about how to do the right thing in a very messy situation.

At one point when the mess unfolded, the coordinators certainly did inform Sam that his posts didn't belong here and would be taken down. Some of us wrote Sam privately.

The problem was the delete scripts had malfunctioned and I was away for days, and we were unable to do anything about it.

As I mentioned before, if memory serves me right, the banned person was not banned at that point, and was able to post quite a bit, alongside, until the coordinators shut down the board completely for a few days.

So that being the case, there would be no need to inform Sam about not posting emails on behalf of a "banned" person"