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Re: most definitely

Posted by Charlie on November 03, 2003 at 11:36:20

In Reply to: most definitely posted by Acheick on November 02, 2003 at 19:50:51:

Perhaps, in her case, it's just that simple - fundamental Christianity. ( I said "perhaps.") She may have had a simple desire to serve the Lord, like us, without really understanding any of the dynamics going on at the subconscious level - like the fundamentalist Christian dymnamic which you just mentioned. That alone could play a big part in her connecting to the "all controlling God" and the all controlling father figure in Berg. I've thought that maybe her dad could have been powerfully controlling, fundamentally, and that she just married the familiar, but you never know.

Trauma can start at anytime, imo. Mine started when the Fam closed the door at the time of the ts rev. As you know, I beat and berated myself and turned the anger inward sinking into a deep and devastating depression for ten years. I am of the opinion that Maria's present trauma and it's resultant health consequences started with, and are directly related to, Berg's control, his excessive drinking, and his messing around with other women and little girls. I beleive that there's a little girl, within, screaming to get out, if you know what I mean. Why she just couldn't say no, and why she enabled him, and why she continues the way she does is an extreme in denial as far as I'm concerned. Until she deals with that kind of deeply rooted stuff she'll stay cold and calculating, as you put it, the fruit of unresolved anger, like the bitch of a woman on one of Dr. Phil's shows, "What Are You Really Mad About?" And Mother Eve - why was she so codependntly intwined that she couldn't blow a whistle? Again, it's probably some of that fundamental Christian thing. I think that you're hitting the nail on the head.