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Re: Born without a conscience

Posted by Miguel on November 04, 2003 at 09:44:03

In Reply to: Re: Born without a conscience posted by anovagrrl on November 04, 2003 at 07:16:41:

I know of two different and unrelated people who are like your description. I have been following them up over the last few years and I can agree with Alan below as to not having real evidence that conscience is lacking. In fact in my conversations with them, I have seen that they are painfully aware of their acts, even sorry and repentant but cannot brake the cycle and they keep repeating the same behaviors. Part of their problem is their inability to learn from their mistakes, even as they are aware of those mistakes. They seem to forget those lessons at the critical point of decision.

What's the role of God in all of this? I could agree with you, that these poor souls were not created equal to others but your observation helps me see things a bit different when you say that "Such cases also suggest that we are not all created equal in the sight of God and that some of us come into the world with serious moral and spiritual deficits."

This is really a conversation for Journeys but...

I would submit that even though we are not all created equal, we are equal in the sight of God. I accept that moral and spiritual deficits may be part of the creation but I cannot see how God would not be Just for those with such "deficits".

Most Christian traditions favor their own cosmology and forget how justice and mercy are some of God's fundamental characteristics. We are mere natural men (and women) who cannot fully understand the things of the spirit, thus faith in and knowledge of a superior God is essential to deciphering them. Sad to say, most people gathered around churches and groups rely on them more than on God for their spiritual interpretations, this includes church-like groups such as cults (ie, The Family).