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New Interview with Tamar artist

Posted by Reporter on December 02, 2003 at 09:29:32

Peter: So Tamar, you do know why you're here dont' you?

Tamar: (looking at the floor, crying) Y-yes.

Maria: Just when we were about to discredit the accusations of the SGs & call them the attacks inspired by some new demon we invented, YOU have to go & discredit the Family's entire fabulous Spirit World! Do you realize how serious this is?!?

Tamar: Y-yes Ma'am.

Peter: We go to all the work to dream up a new sodomite demon, Obtherion or whatever his name is, & say that he's dancing a gay jig & blindfolding the SGs & lying to them, & we going to add this Obtherion character to our Spirit World Hall of Fame & just as we're about to do that, you get caught tracing system artists & discredit our whole spirit world. This is serious!

Maria: Now all the exmembers are laughing at us. Right now we could describe the most fantastic demon we've ever come up with & give him a name like Oplexahim, & do you think even ONE exmember would believe this demon was real? Even if we could prove Oplexahim was behind the little bushy knoll & responsible for assassinating Kennedy?

Peter: No one would believe us! And it's your fault!

Tamar: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Maria: Peter, did Oberithon actually assassinate Kennedy?

Peter: No, that was Oplexahim.