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explanations are good - pedophiles in the midst

Posted by Acheick on December 12, 2003 at 07:41:32

In Reply to: Some may not have seen it, but they heard about it posted by MG on December 12, 2003 at 01:45:09:

and no, they do not constitute an excuse. It's just therapy and uncovering how we got to where we did and why and making sense of it all, it's no excuse. I guess we have to say that everytime to make it clear.

I still go through that - I agonize all the time - how did I get to where I did, where I would allow such things to happen and to do FFing??? I was like you, I was happy when they quit FFing because of AIDs and felt it was God's scourge on TF and also the world because remember - that was the heyday of the sexual revolution in the world too and Berg used it to promote his sexual agenda. But the point is, I didn't like it - I didn't want to do it, I thought it was a test from God or that I was unspiritual, but when the ban came, then I felt vindicated and that God had put a stop to it. I hated the Arthur series, but my ex loved it and felt it was an answer to his prayers - ha! If I had been with someone else I know would have left then.

I thought the same thing of that underage sex issue, and I never saw it either. I felt it was something that went on in the upper echelons and since I didn't really see it, then we didn't have to do it, it was up to "our faith." I agree with Farmer also, there were things that went on in bedrooms that we didn't know about. My daughter told me in recent years that one childcare worker - some weird single brother - who would read them stories at night and get them in bed would always make them kiss him on the lips and it freaked her out. She never told me before, and I never knew it. If I had known it, I would have put a stop to it and probably gotten in trouble too. The point is, that went on without my knowledge and I never found out about it until we left the F. Also, there is a heartbreaking story from Outsider who posts on LoLo's board about her daughters that were sexually abused in the F. and she never knew it until they left and the daughters started acting out with serious problems, then it all came out. She was horrified. So, yes, it is quite possible and I'm sure it happened a lot behind closed doors. So, I don't agree with Miguel on that point.

I do believe that the doctrines of Berg allowed pedophiles to hide within the midst of the group and then do their dirty work when everyone was busy. It's such a weird thing, because I know members who were excommunicated for having sex with minors yet Berg hinted at the go-ahead. None of it makes any sense.