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What this tells me

Posted by Thinker on December 13, 2003 at 19:00:07

In Reply to: Help me understand posted by From a SG who wonders on December 13, 2003 at 14:50:06:

There WAS mind control at play because women were able to read that and not get shocked and leave. Any normal person on hearing such things would react with disgust. But we were far from normal. In The F. our instinctive reactions were curtailed with mo letters that shut down our thinking. We were not in our right minds, and probably temporarily insane or at least zombified into obedience. We were taught to ignore our own thinking/conscience, to war against ourselves because self = devil. We had surrendered our will to a hypnotist. We gave our leaders spiritual authority over us. We had spent years in the group and didn't know how to get out. Our resistance was worn down. Besides fear and peer pressure, we were simply mentally/emotionally/spiritually often physically overwhelmed by the constant barrage and control. We were kept in an exhausted state most of the time.

There are many examples outside of The F., of how abused women can take a lot of crap and stay with an abusive husband for years, simply because for them it's a matter of survival. They have to get strong enough toleave, and he does whatever it takes to ensure she stays weak.

It's like that analogy about being captured and told if you don't tell me where those people are I'll break your arm. Neither choice is a good one. The normal parameters break down. The normal checks and balances are gone. The F. made sure of that, having us live in isolated communities, and all our contact with outsiders was watched.

Even when we were sent out to "witness" or FF alone, the coercion was there, the soul was still held captive.

It was a well known fact that "sisters" or "brothers" who weren't solid and might be weak enough to backslide were never let out FFing alone. And when they came back from their adventures, they were encouraged to tell testimonies of their victories, with everyone sitting around going "PTL! TYJ!" SO you had to condition yourself to relate everything to the F. even when you were out on your own. It was like your thinking was being done for you.