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Re: Could some SGs answer this question?

Posted by jo on December 14, 2003 at 08:52:52

In Reply to: Re: Could some SGs answer this question? posted by An SG answer on December 14, 2003 at 05:07:20:

I remember being in the family and hearing the stories about how God weeded out the older people from inheriting the promised land due to the older people's lack of faith and their rebelliousness against God. I remember too when there were classes about Samuel being taken to the temple as a kid to be raised away from his parents because this is what God wanted and woe to the person that got in God's way. Those separations from children which definitely did happen to a large degree were extremely painful for all. This is what I had to reconcile with my kids after leaving the family when they were very young still. It had a huge impact on them, on us which took a long time to reconcile. That by itself is extremely damaging to a child. And to the parents and to the normal and appropriate relationship of families. You describe that aspect of damage to SGs so aptly. The jumping thru hoops things and having the family be your parents instead of your biological family. At the same time, parents were jumping thru hoops too. And now on the outside of it all, I think the structure of the family was purposely built to divide families for the purpose of control from the top. The damages are horrific. Then add the school, combos, severe indoctrination that followed, escalated and brought in elements of oppression and abuse of the worst forms all together and you have a social disaster on hand. I do hope for healing for all. And it is not hard to understand the anger SGs have for FGs.
I just think that the bulk of that was orchestrated from the top and painful, degrading, and destructive for all.
The way out of that is what is individual. For some it will be pressing charges. For others it will be answering or evading them. For some it will be counseling and therapy. For some whole families might benefit from this, and for some, whole families may never benefit from it because the separations within the family continue, or the fallout from all of the damage continues with a gulf between the wounded.