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Military Men

Posted by Jesse H on December 15, 2003 at 10:17:50

In Reply to: Sounds like the military posted by Analyst on December 13, 2003 at 21:17:59:

Our first undershepherd in Huntington Bch in 68 was Danny (Shadrack), he was a sergeant in the marines. Hap also was a viet nam marine. I guess we had some kind of military style.
It certainly wasn't styled after the Lord to begin with. Acts 2:44-45- was such a farse and the forsake all went to the berg family first and then we got the scraps. I believe though that some of us needed the discipline as a lot of us were spoiled rotten druggies. We needed some kind of discipline to steer us away from that kind of life.
Although, I got to say that Aaron (DBs son that committed suicide) needed some kind of drugs. He certainly shouldn't have been around the flock.
He got us arrested in Costa Mesa in 69, the cops told us to move in a demonstration. I think he got confused, and he let us get arrested and thrown in jail for about 10 days. Not a fun experience, espicially, with the brother I was with who got savagely beat up by another inmate who was trying to have sex with him.
My greatest relief was always being away from Aaron, he would just become cuckoo without warning. So, perhaps, some kind of madness was already in their family.