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Re: It's tricky

Posted by Rocky on December 17, 2003 at 00:01:28

In Reply to: It's tricky posted by Legal Advisor on December 16, 2003 at 06:57:24:

It is not illegal to possess such material if there is clear evidence it is for research or legal purposes. In my country, (Canada), there are many researchers and investigators who have such materials. Possession of child porn for any other reason is subject to a potential 10 years in jail. One has to be detail specific regarding this material and communication with scholars or legal sources is acceptable to most western governments in proving legal use and possession.

Larry King is an entertainment and information program that thrives on controversial topics. He chaired dozens of aggressive segments during the OJ trial era media feeding frenzy and I don't think the format has changed all that much. Unfortunately Watchman was used by others to promote a vareiety of agendas. Sexual abuse is a dirty buisness and causes grief for all touched by it. I expect there are a number of individuals who were influenced to abuse children through berg et al's manipulation and brainwashing. In the eyes of the law they are still considered sexual offenders and in need of legal resolution. That is an issue that needs to be sorted out by the legal system and the individuals involved. The horrific mess that has resulted from berg and the family seems as dangerous as plutonium at times.