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Re: Collecting evidence

Posted by The SG who was wondering on December 17, 2003 at 13:25:16

In Reply to: Collecting evidence posted by A Reader on December 17, 2003 at 08:51:18:

One of the main reasons that I first suggested compiling the MLs about abuse and incest was to help me, and perhaps other SGs, to understand more about why our parents and other FGs felt it was alright to do what they did to us. And also for the reason to expose the lying. I think those are both still good reasons.

And as far as the legal things...true, it has been tried before, but as far as I understand, that was mainly prosecuters trying to use it against TF in custody questions. I think if it were for a case where a large number of SGs stood up and said, "this is about us, this is what happened to us, we and our stories are the results of these writings", I think that it would shed a whole new light on the writings.

Previously the ML quotes were being used to try to expose TF as a bad way of life and a bad place to raise children, but TF's defence was all these children going, "no it doesn't happen", so it was easier for TF to say, "See, we told you, those were just Berg supposing and phlosophising, and it was never policy or allowed." But if we take those same writings and have a bunch of young people going, "yes, this is how it was, because I lived it!" I think that will change everything as far as these writings of Berg's. I am begining to think that it is actually crucial. Standing alone both our stories and Berg's writings might be able to be "explained away" by TF to a "reasonable doubt", but together the stories and the writings confirm each other, support each other, and prove each other to be the truth. It might just even make a case against TF as a whole, the leadership, and not just some individuals.