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About Ghadafi

Posted by Freeatlast! on February 01, 2004 at 05:06:22

In Reply to: where is Freeatlast posted by Acheick on January 31, 2004 at 17:34:27:

Here I am! No, the Family doesn't say anything about Ghadafi these days... or anybody for that matter. Yes, they should "revamp" their pubs and I even wrote in (but didn't get any answer) about their popular "Treasures" book which is used for giving classes and sharing with DFO members. It has various letters in it that are not accurate in regards to the endtime.
Since leaving the Family and reading all the comments of how Berg's prophecies didn't come to pass... I realize that it seems the Family's policy is NOT to mention anyone specifically anymore and not to put down any specific times. Since they know that so many people were put off by the rash of false prophecies, I guess they toned down the "messages from Jesus" so they don't loose anymore members than they have to!
I was really a dumb sheep... it just never dawned on me that Berb was a false prophet... I just kept drinking in the "new wine" and just forsook the old stuff. I really admire all of you out there who REALLY DID read the prophecies and who REALLY DID read your Bibles to confirm if Berg's words were according to the Truth. I was just too busy to get into it.
Boy, am I ever wiser today! :)